Kathryn Coster - Coach, trainer, facilitator

I'm Kathryn, a coach, trainer and facilitator. I developed InnerSpiration Values Cards as a tool to use within my own practice. My interest in values and drivers came after years of trying to follow everyone else's dreams. Through a lot of self reflection I began to understand the values that were really important to me, and I try and use them to help me make decisions about the work or projects that I take on, and also to help me understand why I find some situations particularly energising or frustrating.

My need to belong reminds me to spend time with friends and colleagues. It also means that don't feel bad for spending time on social media when I am connecting with my networks. My value for learning is reflected in the fact that I have three degrees in Psychology and relish any opportunity to study a new topic. My value of authenticity is hard to quantify but I feel it when I don't have it in what I am doing.

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband (who values freedom), my two daughters (fairness and autonomy) and our cat, Alpus Dumblepaw, who values doors not being closed.